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Chantal Fraizinger

Hello and welcome. Thank you for taking the time to read a little bit about me and for considering me as a possible companion on your therapeutic journey.

Formal introduction: My name is Chantal (she/her) and I am a black womxn, an art therapist and comic artist. I studied and earned my Master's level diploma in Art Therapy from the Toronto Art Therapy Institute. Upon graduation I received the 2019 Gilda Grossman Award for my thesis project on grief and loss, which I completed in a graphic novel format.

My practice is client-centred, using techniques and theories which suit each individual's specific journey, rooted in an inclusive, anti-oppressive and anti-racist perspective. My approach is grounded in self-empathetic listening and the art-making process, not on art technique, as the primary channel to self-awareness and transformation. In conjunction with the art-making process, I employ comic art therapy which combines theories and techniques from narrative therapy and visual journaling. Although my practice has focused primarily on grief, bereavement, depression and emotional regulation, I have an overall desire to work with any individual across this diverse and expansive globe to bring about holistic healing through art therapy and/or comic art therapy.

Informal introduction: I started doodling comics as a way to externalize my thoughts and feelings since I’ve never been great at expressing myself verbally.

My name is Chantal, I am a second-generation settler who was born of parents that immigrated to Canada from Jamaica. I am an introvert and deep empath, through and through. I’m consistently taking time to recharge alone and believe wholeheartedly in practicing self-care through art because of the overwhelming experience of current and ongoing collective trauma. I only ever wore black when I was teenager and swore to my mother that I’d never wear another colour, ever. That said, black is a fairly minimal part of my wardrobe now but remains a cherished colour/shade to me (depending on where you stand in the ongoing debate on whether black is a colour or a shade…why can’t it be both?)

Hobbies include: 

Cuddling with my two rabbits


Thinking in comics


Wondering how long I’d survive if I only ate cupcakes

Crossword puzzles

Being awestruck by every sunset that I see

More things having to do with me:

I would like to provide a safe space for you, no matter your colour, culture, gender (or non-gender), religion or taste in cheese

I like being wrong (that means I get to learn something new in the process)

My favourite colour is a three-way tie between Crimson, Aubergine and Teal (that’s one fancy tie…)

I journey with anxiety and depression and use art as my own mode of therapy as well

I haven’t combed my hair in years…it also doesn’t move much in the wind…a convertible would be wasted on me

In conclusion: 

There are so many things I would like to learn about you

I dabble in optimism

The end

(This informal introduction was inspired by @doodlesmarkus)

About Me: About Me
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