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Common Queries

All the Answers You Seek, In One Place

Do you offer sliding scale rates? Are you covered by insurance?

Yes I do offer a sliding scale. I discuss fees during the initial appointment at which point we could talk about this option, if its necessary.
My services may be partially or fully covered by your extended health insurance or employee benefits plan; if your insurance provider offers coverage for a Psychotherapist, you can submit your receipt for reimbursement.

How long does each therapy session take?

Free initials are 15 minutes while individual sessions are 60 minutes/1 hour. Workshop sessions vary based on the time allotted.

Do I need any artistic skill to participate in art or comic art therapy?

Absolutely not. I mentioned this is the 'Art Therapy' section but wanted to confirm this point again: you don't need to be good at art to participate in art therapy. You just need to be open to the creative process to participate.

Where do therapy session take place?

I currently only offer virtual sessions which take place on a secure video platform. Initials are also completed over this platform, which is accessed by a link that I will send to you before our appointment.
Once its safe to do so I hope to be able to travel to individuals to have sessions in person.

What if I don't have art supplies?

I can offer suggestions of art supplies to buy online or at different stores which sell art materials.
I can also ship you an art starter kit, for a small fee, if you'd prefer.

What's your cancellation policies?

I have a 24 hr cancellation policy, for booked individual sessions and workshops. Missed sessions and sessions that are cancelled with less than 24 hrs notice are charged the full session fee; no charge for cancellation due to an emergency.

Sessions etiquette?

Please be on time for your session; if you're late, your session will still need to end at the appointed time and you will still have to pay the total session fee.
If you miss more than three payments of services, I will have to suspend our sessions until a payment has been made, in full. If you can't make payments for a certain reason, please let me know so we can figure out a solution together.

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